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EGStoltzfus Building Construction
EGStoltzfus Design Remodel Plan
June 2011


June is a month of celebration for EGStoltzfus Homes because we have not one, not two, but three of our homes on display here in the community - beginning THIS weekend!

POH House 1
1319 Heatherwood Drive 


The Building Industry Association's Lancaster-Lebanon Parade of Homes kicks off Saturday and runs through June 19; here, we have two homes open for viewing. Our first home on the Parade of Homes tour is a stylish starter home with a first-floor laundry and minimum exterior maintenance. The home is located at 1319 Heatherwood Drive in Rapho Township. The second home is a 2,200+ square-foot, 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home located at 1583 Kauffman Road in East Hempfield Township that we're sure you'll get excited about!


Additionally, in Mechanicsburg's Winding Hills neighborhood,

EGStoltzfus Homes is one of seven builders selected to feature a home in this year's distinctive Home-A-Rama - which also kicks off this Saturday and runs through June 26.


This month's feature article is a behind-the-design look at this one-of-a-kind home - an exclusive only available to Construction Connection subscribers. Enjoy!


POH House 2
1583 Kauffman Road 

Finally, we know that many of you are not in the market to build a new home, yet you enjoy attending the Parade of Homes or Home-A-Rama to get renovation ideas for your home. Capture those ideas! Write them down and take photos or video* of those features you love and would like to include in your home so when you are ready to talk to us about remodeling your home, we can customize your home the way you want it.


We hope to see you at one (or more) of our THREE homes on display in the next two weeks. Make sure you say hello and tell us that you heard about the events through this newsletter!


All the best,


Bill Patrick, Senior Designer/Division Manager Residential Remodeling

EGStoltzfus Homes, LLC

(717) 393-0212


P.S. Don't forget to look for our special Home-A-Rama giveaway(s) at the bottom of this email.


*You'll want to make sure the builder doesn't mind that you take photos and videos.

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Behind the Design: A Home-A-Rama Exclusive 

Home A Rama FinalConstruction Connections interviewed  Kevin Ohlinger of Kevin K. Ohlinger Residential Design, LLC, who brought much of the design creativity to our Home-A-Rama team, to give you this behind-the-design exclusive of what you'll see - and what not to miss - when visiting our Home-A-Rama home.


Construction Connections: Kevin, as the designer for the EGStoltzfus' (EGS) Home-A-Rama home, can you give us some insight that inspired the design for this home?


Kevin Ohlinger: Winding Hills is a traditional neighborhood, so the EGS team and I sat down to determine what type of traditional home to present for the Home-A-Rama. We finally elected to go with an Old-World, European-inspired, classic home design.


A key element in designing this home was how the home would be experienced from the outside. To put it another way, we asked the question: when someone approaches, how will the home be viewed? In the end, we designed it to have a formal front to welcome visitors yet set a much more casual approach for the owners, as they'll be entering the home through the garage.


Additionally, many home exteriors in developments are designed to only look fabulous on two-sides - the fronts and backs of the homes. This home is much different and we designed a 360-degree exterior, making sure that the home was just as attractive from all four sides, which adds to the home's interest, character and depth.


CC: I understand that the front of the house includes an unusual space. Tell us more.


KO: An attractive feature that was incorporated into this home was a breakfast courtyard that is located in the front of the house, yet hidden. In fact, it is actually quite a private, undetectable space from the street. Located right off the kitchen, this courtyard is truly a charming, garden alcove for the homeowner to enjoy.


CC: It sounds like a lot of thought went into planning the exterior of the home to make it a full experience for the neighborhood and homeowner alike. What about the interior? Is there a not-to-be-missed design feature?


KO: There certainly is, although I am not sure there is only one not-to-be-missed element. There is one that comes to mind immediately - a "secret" room between the first and second floors. It is a mid-level study, and because it isn't technically part of the first or second floor, it has its own vibe. The room is private enough to allow the homeowner to use it as a study/home office area, yet it is still connected to the rest of the house, which makes this space perfect for a second family room, perhaps for teenagers to hang out. The choice really is up to the homeowner.


CC: You mentioned that there were other not-to-be-missed features. What are they?


KO: Just like the exterior of the home, we also thoughtfully designed the interior spaces. Once the house was under roof, we walked through it to visualize how the space should best be used. We added layers and defined the final spaces of the house. It truly is a one-of-a-kind home, and will most likely take more than one visit to see all the detail and enhancements that went into the design of the home.


To see our Old World Style home, visit the Home-A-Rama, June 11-26 at Winding Hills Estates, Mechanicsburg.

Concept to Completion Series

Final Step: Warranty Program 

In each issue of this newsletter, we will briefly review one of the stages every one-of-a-kind project must flow through in order to reach successful completion.


Previously discussed steps can be found here: 

Step 1: Begin with a concept.

Step 2: Seeing the end at the beginning.

Step 3: Finalizing the design by making selections.

Step 4: Reaching Agreement.

Step 5: Job Start Up.

Step 6: Consistent Communication.

Step 7: Job Close Out & Pre-Warranty Walk Through 


Step 8: Warranty Program 


warrantyIn last month's newsletter, we discussed our "pre-warranty" walk-through process; this truly is where our warranty program begins. We invite the homeowner to walk through the project with us, noting anything that needs fixed, completed or our attention before we deem the project complete.


On every remodeling project we complete, we also provide a comprehensive warranty to give you that guarantee behind our craftsmanship. However should you experience any problems or have any questions after the project is completed, we have a customer service team ready to quickly respond. They are happy to address any concerns you may have with your entire house, not simply with the remodeling work we did for you.


This is our "peace-of-mind" step to ensure that when you select us to do your remodeling project, you really did select a company that can take your project from Concept to Completion.


Are you ready to begin your one-of-a-kind project? Start here >> 

Home Asset Protection 101

AC Drain Clean Out 

basement airhandlerIf your home is equipped with a central air conditioning unit, you should make sure that your AC condensation piping is clear. Over time, mold and mildew can grow inside your piping, causing blockage.


If you notice a puddle on the floor at your air handler (the noisy metal box usually in the basement) where the cool air of your AC is distributed throughout your home, this is a good indicator that this piping is clogged. There are several good videos available on YouTube on how to clear this clog, but we also recommend that you schedule a preventative maintenance visit with your HVAC service company to get your AC checked out annually so it runs at top efficiency all summer long.

Our Purpose for bringing you "The Construction Connection"
EG Stoltzfus Team

Our purpose for bringing you The Construction Connection is to share our wisdom. We have seen it all and yet there is so much more to learn every day.


For nearly 45 years the divisions of EGStoltzfus (Neighborhoods, Designed Homes & Remodeling, Commercial Construction and Handyman) have been Building Better and Creating Value for more than 7,000 property owners. The collective wisdom of our team is the key to a predictable outcome for each and every project.


In this forum we will be reaching out to offer specific how-to's for caring for your property and improving what you have, as well as suggestions as to what to do when it's time to start anew. Additionally, we will provide you with information on market conditions, technology updates, codes and legal concerns, design trends and many more topics we feel can connect all our readers to Better Value.


The team of EGStoltzfus Homes is always available to answer your questions and advise you through a remodel or new home construction project.


Get to know us better!>>


Celebration & Give-Aways


At EGStoltzfus, we are very proud of the work we'll be showcasing to the community in our appearance at the Home-A-Rama this month. To celebrate this, we are giving away an iPad2** to ONE lucky visitor to this home.


But because we value our relationship with you, our Construction Connections subscriber, we are giving you a chance to enter to win that iPad2 now - without visiting our home (although we hope you'll decide to do that, too).


Simply hit "reply" to this email and provide us with all of the following information to be entered:

> Name

> Phone Number Where You Can Best Be Reached

> and the answer this question: Are you planning to build a home or remodel in the next 6-24 months? If yes, tell us which one you are planning.


That's it! Thank you for being a valued subscriber to our newsletter, and we'll look for you at our showcase home at the Home-A-Rama: June 11-26!


Restrictions: EGStoltzfus Homes employees and their family members, vendors and associates of EGS or any Home-A-Rama 2011 entrant company are not eligible to win.


**iPad2 (16GB) is a $499 value.



If you are planning to attend the Home-A-Rama (beginning this weekend!), let us pay for your tickets into the event! We have 15 pairs of tickets to give away to our Construction Connection readers. All you need to do be one of the first 15 people to ask Courtney Kerchner for a pair of tickets.  


Email Cindy at or call her at (717) 723-4307 and if you win, she'll arrange to get them to you. It's our little way to say Thank You for being a great Construction Connection subscriber.

Entries for iPad2 must be received by June 26, 2011  |   Visit us online at
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